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At the time of our inception, we had one main aim in our minds: producing premium quality processed meat products, using cutting-edge technology, with no room for compromise. And owing to this belief, with which  we started in 1998, we are presently one of India’s leading frozen and ready-to-eat processed meat products manufacturers.

Our Resolve

Chatha Foods

Premium Quality

We began our journey in 1998. At that time, frozen foods had already entered the Indian market. However, the healthiness of these, especially that of processed meat, was often questioned in most Indian households. We saw these doubts as a challenge, and prior to any other plans, drafted a firm resolve; producing premium quality processed meat products with no room for compromise.

Our Journey

Chatha Foods

Modern Machinery

All our further steps reflected our mantra. We brought in raw material only from the approved suppliers. Next, the most hygienic and hi-tech machinery was imported, and our plant was born. Batch after batch, we only got better. The plant that generated only a few chicken products at the time of its initiation, over time, evolved into one producing around 70-80 premium meat products.

Our Approach

Chatha Foods

Customer Centricity

Apart from quality assurance, developing strong customer relationships, through a partnership approach, has always been a top priority for us. And consequently, today, we are associated with various international food chains as well as several local QSRs. We were operational from 1998 and owing to the aim and principles with which we had started, we soon transformed ourselves into a recognized and trusted brand name in the field. And the rest, as they say, is history.
“Where, on one hand, research as well as development and product engineering continue to be our tools of innovation, consistent quality control and greater efficiency provide an unparalleled stability to all our operations, day after day.” - Paramjit Singh Chatha (Director, Chatha Foods Pvt. Ltd.)

Message from the Director

Chatha Foods
I owe it all to my team! Bringing to the plate great food is both our purpose and passion. Working in the food industry, a huge responsibility is forever placed on our shoulders. What we make feeds millions every day, and so, even a slight overlook can cause catastrophic consequences. Therefore, it comes as no shock that ensuring our products are of the highest quality and absolutely safe drives much of our daily work.
Our initial days of strenuous struggle still visit me in dramatic flashbacks. Indulged in a reverie of those rough tides, I am comforted by the sailors who got us through it all, my team. Hours of hard work, a grave determination, and a never-say-die attitude helped us march forward. It is because of those efforts that, today, we stand proud in our well-churned plant, producing 70-80 processed meat products of the most premium quality in the market. Where, on one hand, research and development as well as product engineering continue to be our tools of innovation, consistent quality control and greater efficiency provide an unparalleled stability to all our operations, day after day. Presently, we are ranked as one of the most sought-after processed meat products manufacturers in the country. And for this, I thank my team from the bottom of my heart.
Chatha Foods

Future Outlook

New Times, New Products

In the years to come, we intend to extend our scope to newer products, including chilled, retort and also vegetarian products.

Distribution Dynamics

We have 17 distributors across India as of now, but intend to target new cities in the future.

Ample Supply

We already supply core products to the pizza industry. Our future aim is to provide vital ingredients to the growing burger industry as well.

Revenue Rise

A threefold rise in revenue can be predicted for Chatha Foods in the next five years.

Export Extravaganza

A little ways down the road, we visualize Chatha Foods' presence in the Middle-Eastern Countries' markets as well. Summing up, we can safely say that we are all set to take our present venture up several notches, and bring an ever-increasing variety of delicious and first-rate food options to more and more people.
Chatha Foods
Chatha Foods
Chatha Foods